The worst thing about moving is…

Overcast Sydney…lack of connection.

And while they both are important, I am not just talking about the Internet or phone here.

I moved back to Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Most stuff is still in boxes. Though we finally have a fridge again after a week. The base utilities (water, gas, electricity) work. But the house is a communication black hole.

I’ve lived in Sydney most of my life, but after a year in Japan it all doesn’t feel quite right. There is a lot to get used to again.

Everyone speaks and understands English (most of the time). Which makes life easier. But you have to learn the correct etiquette again.

Most of the shops are the same. Although some have moved or been renovated in the year I was away. Buses seem mostly the same, just more expensive. And you get to watch yourself on their TV these days.

Found one mobile phone, it still even had some charge and some credit, though the microphone is defective and you have to yell down the phone at people (so much for private calls). And without a land line, its best to go use a public phone for those calls where they put you in a queue and leave you on hold for ages.

And in this day and age, lack on an Internet connection really sucks. Can’t check email or web sites to work out where to get stuff, how you do something, etc. So much for the ‘check our website for details‘ you see everywhere.

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