links for 2010-10-21

  • There has been a lot of bellyaching of late about whether or not the National Broadband Network (NBN) will be a viable proposition or not. Certainly, the purported cost of $43b is a lot of money, and when dealing with a sum of that magnitude, a certain level of caution is very obviously quite prudent.
  • An unmistakable strain of compassion runs through Cindy Cohn's voice when she talks about the plight of Internet users she says are wrongly accused of copyright violations or tech companies she believes are being abused by large entertainment conglomerates. "Don't confuse these litigation business model people with the actual people thinking about copyright law in the digital age. These other people are just the seedy underbelly of litigation. They are just shaking down a whole bunch of people for money that they put in their own pockets." -Cindy Cohn, EFF
  • The OpenNet Initiative has documented network filtering of the Internet by national governments in over forty countries worldwide. Countries use this network filtering as one of many methods to control the flow of online content that is objectionable to the filtering governments for social, political, and security reasons. Filtering is particularly appealing to governments as it allows them to control content not published within their national borders.
  • Article discussing the practice of suing people in a court nowhere near them, making it too hard to to appear and be represented in court, so they choose to settle.
  • Due to bad coding, Facebook apps are passing on 'personal identifying information to dozens of advertising and internet tracking companies'.
  • An article about how working 'Mothers' should still find the time to make healthy means for their children. This ignores the fact that many Fathers these days are also responsible for dinner, a point made be many of the comments.
  • Across the world governments are trying to push down the value of their currency to improve export. Australia as a result has the booby prize of having its currency pushed up. Is this bad or a good thing? And does Australia have any control over the situation?
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