links for 2010-11-03

  • Ross Gittins explains a KPMG report for the Australian Food and Grocery Council claims that there is a deficit on food import. That Australia is importing $1.8 billion more food and groceries than we export. But the devil is in the details, and what was left out of it.
  • The National Broadband Network will give the government an extraordinary opportunity to push its internet censorship agenda on Australians, a cyberspace policy expert says. While Stephen Conroy claims it is not technically possible as the NBN will be wholesale, David Vaile says it would be possible to 'lean on' ISPs to get them to implement the filter.
  • The story is titled "NBN upgrade could cost up to $400 a room". Of course this is scare mongering. Really it means that is you want to install an access port in every room, running the cables behind the wall, it will cost $150-$400 per room. The average home that uses wireless, or just runs cables through the house will not cost this much.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald asks Stephen Conroy about the introduction of the NBN, and writes a summary of each answer.
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