links for 2011-01-17

  • The heightened interest of consumers in buying things from overseas websites isn't really motivated by a desire to avoid paying the 10 per cent goods and services tax applicable on items bought in Australian stores. Rather, it reflects the availability of a much wider range of merchandise, usually at substantially lower prices, than is generally available in-store here.
  • Correspondence is circulating between members of the new lobby group Retail Coalition – which includes the retail magnates Gerry Harvey and Solomon Lew, and the department store owners Myer and David Jones – about how best to continue their fight.
  • Soaring rents are causing local retailers to start online, skipping bricks and mortar stores.
  • THE US is drifting from a financial crisis to a more insidious social crisis. Self-congratulation by the US authorities that they have avoided a repeat of the 1930s is premature.
  • To paraphrase a popular international ad campaign – Buying that dress on special: $150; new digital TV: $1000; supporting free speech and the protection of whistle-blowers: priceless!
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