links for 2011-02-24

  • The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft this afternoon said it took heart from the fact that one of the judges overseeing its appeal in its copyright infringement case against ISP iiNet had found for it, despite the fact that it ultimately lost the appeal in the end, two judges against one.
  • The full bench of the Federal Court today dismissed an appeal by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft following its loss against iiNet in a high-profile copyright infringement and internet content piracy case decided early in 2010, handing a second victory to the ISP in its battle against the organisation and its movie studio backers.
  • The giants of the film industry have lost their appeal in a lawsuit against ISP iiNet in a landmark judgment handed down in the Federal Court today.
  • You can't even make this stuff up. Naturally Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins are sponsoring this fake attempt at freedom.
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