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VodafoneAU – Don’t URL me, I’ll URL you (vfau.me/dcg4n)

Received an SMS purportedly from Vodafone today. Upcoming correction to data charges from 08.07.11 may affect your service. Please head to: http://vfau.me/dcg4n for more information Following the link you end up at the page http://i.three.com.au/VFMarketing/2011Q2/DataUsageCommsGp1011 and a 404 error message. … Continue reading

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links for 2011-06-28

Censors should grow up: adults can handle sex The Australian censorship system blanches most consistently not at violence, but at sex. Torturing people to death presents relatively little problem to the censors. But dare to show actual sex on film … Continue reading

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