links for 2011-07-13

  • Pirate Party Australia is opposed to the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft’s (AFACT) latest offensive against Australian internet users[1]. They have demanded that ISPs attend ‘voluntary talks’ to implement a graduated response regime (commonly known as 3 Strikes) before the conclusion of the iiNet trial or face “unspecified legal action”.
  • Ah, the sighs they put up near fire extinguishers. Though I suppose this one is correct. Don’t catch fire as we don’t have an extinguisher to put you out.
  • Going through a collection of old things in my parents garage I found these 2 PC expansion cards (which I guess are ISA). Look how many chips they have, and the
  • The Australian Law Reform Commission wants input for its review of media classification. You have until Friday 15 July 2011 to submit your opinions. Do it now.
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