Calci Yum 4x250mL for $5.99, now $23.96 a Litre at Woolworths

Calci Yum flavoured milk is now on special at Woolworths.

You now get a 4 pack of 250 ml bottles in chocolate of strawberry for only $5.99, great at $23.96 per Litre.

Wait a sec. I think there is a multiplication problem here. 😕

4x250mL for $5.99, now $23.96 a L

NB. In Australia, supermarkets now display unit prices on price tags so you can more easily compare different brands and package sizes of products.

Edit 2011.10.13:
If you want to know how unit pricing should work, have a read of the ACCC site or the legislation.

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2 Responses to Calci Yum 4x250mL for $5.99, now $23.96 a Litre at Woolworths

  1. James says:

    They might be recording them per bottle/carton, not for the four

    • Leefe says:

      The products volume is actually 1L (4 x 250mL). And it costs $5.99.
      So the $23.96 per Litre listed is 4 times the actual cost.

      NB. While I like chocolate milk, I don’t think I would by it at $23.96 a Litre.

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