Minecraft login failed! Has my account been hacked? Try updating Minecraft

I have been trying Minecraft since last year and I just started getting login errors this week.

You open Minecraft, enter your Username and Password, then get the Login failed window.

Searching Google for this problem I came up with posts about passwords being hacked/stolen. So I diligently went and reset my password.

After which I was about to login to the Minecraft site, but still getting errors from the Minecraft game! And if you try to report it on the support page failed, nothing appears if you click the My account was hacked button!

There is a happy end to this story

With nothing else seeming to work I downloaded the game again. Starting the new copy of Minecraft I found it was 1.8.1, with a slight change in login interface, and it accepted my username/password combo.

I can play Minecraft again! 🙂

Minecraft 1.7.3 not downloading 1.8 update

It would appear that the problem is that Minecraft 1.7.3 can no longer login. And also is not downloading the update to 1.8. You have to go do it yourself.

This should really have been handled better by the developers. If people expect Minecraft to update itself and it just fails to login you are going to have quite a few people panic.

Developers, please think about providing better error messages next time.


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  1. Shazzy says:

    I just downloaded minecraft I have no idea what version or anything as my dad downloaded it for me I created a mojang account but when I tried to login to the actual game for the first time it said I had to put in my username. I put in the name i signed up with and my password and that did not work. I then put in my email address. Its still did not work. What do I need to do I really wanna ply but it does not work 🙁 >:(

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