Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac 2.3.3 includes a time machine

Opening Word 2008 this evening I was prompted by Microsoft AutoUpdate to update itself to 2.3.3. But little did I know that the new update would include a time machine to download future updates.

AutoUpdate 2.3.3, download tomorrows updates today

An update to AutoUpdate generally means there is something else that needs updating. (Would you just update your updater just for the hell of it?)

Running the new version of AutoUpdate I was prompted to with the following dialogue box. Download Microsoft Erro 2.2.7. Oh, that’s Microsoft Error Reporting, not an error to download.

But wait a sec. Why is it downloading future updates?

How can it be downloading a 27/09/11 update today?

Must be the new Microsoft time machine updater, Download tomorrows updates today.

Reading the Office for Mac updates section of the Microsoft site I see that Microsoft Error Reporting for Mac 2.2.7 was actually released on 22 September 2011, not 27 September. So why is AutoUpdate claiming it is released tomorrow? And why does it think it is 25% bigger (2 MB vs 1.5 MB on the Microsoft site)?

Maybe I just got the special version of Microsoft AutoUpdate 2.3.3?

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