Pruning wiki users, is there an extension for that?

If you manage any wiki you know that spamers love them. They just drop by, register a new users, and add some link spam.

Now, there is an extension for MediaWiki wikis to remove all the spam pages, Nuke. But what do you do about all the spam users? Is there an extension for bulk blocking users?

I would like one that does he following:

  • Lists all users
  • That aren’t blocked
  • With how many posts they have made
  • And a check box to add them to the bulk block list
  • Then select the duration, reason, and click bulk block

Once you have cleared out all the spam pages you need some way to mass block all the zero post users that will just post link spam again in the future.

I found the MediaWiki Extensions Matrix/user rights page, but there is nothing there that seems to fix my purpose.

Any suggestions on what extension to use?
Or will I just have to write it myself?

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