Incorruptible #26 is broken and comiXology don’t seem to care

Some time ago, I found that the copy of Incorruptible #26 on the comiXology iPhone App was broken. Checking the online version, I found it broken too.

I have tried to contact comiXology about this problem, twice, and am still waiting to receive an answer.

Using their contact form, on the 13th of April I sent the following:

There is a problem with Incorruptible #26.

The version downloadable to both the iPhone and on the web are corrupt.

The comic runs up to a point, then is replaced by ‘Planet of the Apes’.

The ‘Boom’ app on the iPhone shows up to page 22 as Incorruptible, then changes to Planet of the Apes from page 23 to 28.

The web version is broken from the 14th double page. Of the two pages displayed, the first is Incorruptible and the second Planet of the Apes.

Can you explain to me why this has happened? And how it will be fixed?

I was enjoying the story arc, and an annoyed that the last issue is corrupt.


Having got no response I tried again on 5 May:

Incorruptible #26 is broken!

The last 5 pages display a Planet of the Apes comic!

This comic is broken, both on the iPhone version and the online version!

I submitted a support ticket previously, but got no response 🙁

I have stopped buying comics on the Comixology App since I discovered this problem.

When will this problem be resolved?


But they both seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Now, while I appreciate that Planet of the Apes might be a nice comic, it is not the comic I paid to read!

If someone from comiXology is reading this, I would greatly appreciate someone from customer service getting in touch with me any resolving the problem.

Yes, I understand $1.99 isn’t much to throw away for a bad comic. But really, I want to finish reading the story. And if digital comic book publishers can’t deal with their errors, I might as well go back to hard copy comics.

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey, Leefe. So sorry to see we dropped the ball on this.

    I’m going to contact you right now on this via email.

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