I can not divine the use for these ‘Divination Symbols’, can you?

Looking through the Mac OS X Character Viewer, I see there is a section for ‘Divination Symbols‘.

They all look like blocks of horizontal lines in a variety of combinations. Some full times, some with breaks in the middle and other more like a series of dots.

What do you use them for?

Apart from roleplaying games that is.

I mean, who needs a symbol called a ‘Tetragram for Constancy’, a ‘Tetragram for Aggravation’, or a ‘Tetragram for Eternity’?

They might be useful for saying things like:

There will be Constant Aggravation for Eternity
An Abundance of Enthusiasm on Completion

Are there any better suggestions?

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One Response to I can not divine the use for these ‘Divination Symbols’, can you?

  1. megan says:

    Not being a Mac user I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about, but I love your examples.

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