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When your gingerbread men don’t sell. Invert and add antlers

When your gingerbread men don’t sell. Invert them and add antlers. You now have reindeer. But, isn’t it the wrong time of year for those?

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Sunset corridor in Ultimo

The sun sets at the end of of a corridor between buildings. The light posts draw you down the path, which souls wander along.

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Analysing the Time 100 influential results

Time have their ‘100 most influential people’ poll on at the moment. It is interesting to analyse the voting results so far. Like the person with the most ‘Yes’ votes has almost double the number for the next person, but … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a mugshot… or two… or three…

Everyone needs an avatar. What with all the social media services you need to stick one on these days. Do you use the same face for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumbler, Gravitar, AOL, Yahoo and all the others (the list goes … Continue reading

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