Politicians line up to donate words to Charles Firth’s Museum

Recent news coverage about Charles Firth’s Museum of Words has reached the parliaments of Australia, and he has scored somewhat of a coup.

While The Guardian see the museum as a failed stunt, many politicians are lining up to loan words.

Can’t use a word while on load to the museum? What a brilliant idea” one politician said.

At this stage Firth has received the following words:

Julia Gillard, former PM – Kevin
Kevin Rudd, former PM – Leadership
Bob Carr, former Foreign Minister – Nuts
Stephen Conroy, former Communications Minister – Filter

Bronwyn Bishop, Speaker – Order
George Brandis, Attorney-General – Trans-Pacific Partnership
Malcolm Turnbull, Communications Minister – Speed
Joe Hockey, Treasurer – Deficit
Scott Morrison, Immigration Minster – Boats
Christopher Pyne, Education Minister – Gonski

Clive Palmer, Member for Fairfax – Plagiarism
Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier – Rights
Fred Nile, NSW Legislative Council – Marriage

And for a double disillusion:

Tony Abbot, Prime Minister – Climate Change & Science

But get in quick, the exhibition proper closes this Sunday, 1 December.

Other article about the exhibition:


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