Why you don’t space people in a closed ecosystem #The100

Having just watched the first episode of The 100, I felt the need to write about one flaw of the episode. Why are they spacing people they don’t like? It’s a waste of resources.

The 100 - how big is your airlock?

The 100 – how big is your airlock?

I can see the rational for removing people. They have a small society, limited space to contain it and feel the need to have a drastic deterrent for crime.

But it is just the wrong way to do things, and here is my reasoning:

  1. They are all part of a small closed ecosystem (a space station). They are all worried about dwindling resources, especially as the people in charge know there is a problem. Why eject resources into space?
  2. The person is biomass, just kill them and use their body as fertiliser.
  3. If you really need to space them, strip them first. Reuse their clothes and anything in their pockets.
  4. If you have to space them, why do it from a large air lock? Isn’t that a lot of air to waste, all ejected into space?
  5. If you eject that much air into space, won’t it affect the orbit of the space station? And require a correction later on?

It is nice to see more Sci-Fi on TV. I just wish they thought a bit more about the science.

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