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Books on Business Modelling at UTS library are dangerous #photo

A sign around the construction site for the new UTS library warns people of the dangers of Business Modelling, and not enter these books.

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Hungry escalator only leaves kids shoe at Woolworths #photo

The escalator had stopped. And stuck at the end was a small child’s shoe. The escalator must have been hungry, if all it left was a shoe. Shoppers were inconvenienced, trudging down the busiest escalator at Woolworths Town Hall. Past … Continue reading

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It’s an overhead walkway Clearance sale. Now only 3.6 million #photo

There is a clearance sale on for overhead walkways at Macquarie University. Now only $3.6m.

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I was going to try ‘self-scan’, but couldn’t find my own barcode #photo

So, all the big name supermarkets are implementing self-scan checkouts. Is this to make checkout faster? Reduce staffing numbers? Save the supermarkets money? Or just put more load back on the customers? A bit like ‘client side scripting’ I suppose. … Continue reading

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Concerned about the safety of the Red Shirts at the Apple Stores. Will they all make it through Christmas?

Looking into my local Apple Store, I noticed all the employees were wearing Red Shirts. Combined with the look and feel of the store, like something out of a Star Trek episode, I’m concerned about their safety. Will they all … Continue reading

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Cthulhu was here? #photo

Looking down into my bowl of noodles at a restaurant in China Town tonight, I couldn’t help but imagine a bowl of yellow and green tentacles. They tasted very good, but, was the place visited by an Elder God before … Continue reading

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When Dr Who needs to chill out, he reaches for his Tardis bong… #photo

Walking past Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney CBD I noticed what Dr Who must use when he needs to chill out… the Tardis bong. Oh, wait, it’s just a tea pot.

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Fruit shown is illustrative of flavour only and is not an Ingredient of the product

Don’t those new 13 flavour weeks Slurpees from 7 Eleven look interesting? I’ve seen ones that are half watermelon, half strawberry, and the latest one is half passion fruit. But wait. Have your read the text at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Photos of Lightcloud, @MPesce’s #sekritproject seen at @Fishburners tonight

Tonight Mark Pesce showed off his secret project at Fishburners. A light cube with integrated computer/web server, that can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi; can react to movement of the cube; and can talk to another cube via Wi-Fi. And, … Continue reading

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Yoda, make ads for @CitiBankAus, he does #photo

You know that times must be tough for Yoda when you find he has to write advertising for Citibank. Make everyday, fee free. We have.

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