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He had an outbreak of tornadoes

“He had an out break of tornadoes” Drawn in response to a tweet by SBS news “The number of twisters from US tornado outbreak may be a record setter“, which makes the tornadoes sound like an infectious disease. Quick, send … Continue reading

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Happy Valiums Day

Happy Valiums, er, Valentine’s Day. And don’t get too stressed

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trickle treat (definition)

trickle treat \ trickle treat \ verb: When Halloween lollies are only handed out a little bit at a time.

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Don’t feed the birds, avoid water hazards (photo)

Signs in Strathfield telling the public to refrain from feeding the pigeons to avoid creating water hazards. Of course, that might not be exactly what they meant when putting up the signs.

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conservatopia (definition)

conservatopia \ con·serv·a·to·pia \ noun: An imagined place or state where nothing ever changes. A place that suffers of newmonia often wished they were.

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newmonia (definition)

newmonia \ neu·moh·nee·uh \ noun: A medical condition where suffers feel the need to complain about all the new things they encounter.

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A supermarket aisle to marvel at

Noticed this sign at the end of an aisle in Coles at Broadway shopping centre. Perhaps it is a sign of things you will need together. ie. if you eat too much canned fish, Mexican and Asian food, you will … Continue reading

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illiteration / elliteration (definition)

illiteration \ ill·lit·er·a·tion \ noun: When all the diseases a hypochondriac thinks they have start with the same letter or sound. elliteration \ e·lit·er·a·tion \ noun: When a individual posts the same thing, or something that sounds the same, online … Continue reading

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Much experience waiting? Join the queue

Saw this wanted ad in the window of a café in Newtown. Must have waiting and coffee experience. Yes, I’ve spent extended amounts on time waiting in phone queues for a customer service representative. And by the time you get … Continue reading

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procrastinate \ pro·cras·ti·nate \ verb: ( remember to finish this section tomorrow )

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