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Transport for all need not cost $600b: expert

A SWEEPING, multibillion-dollar transport plan, to be unveiled next week in a discussion paper from a leading transport researcher, Garry Glazebrook, of the University of Technology, Sydney, proposes linking almost every home, office and university in Sydney to upgraded train, … Continue reading

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Clouds over demolition

The few remaining buildings and chimney of the former Carlton United Brewery on Broadway, Chippendale. It was interesting to come back to Sydney after a year, and find the space opposite UTS raised to the ground. An expanse of open … Continue reading

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Shadow of a building

Former TAFE building opposite UTS building 10 on Wattle St. Sydney, Australia It was interesting to find this photo of the building, because it doesn’t exist any more. Having been knocked down earlier this year for more green area at … Continue reading

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SDP, Student Diplomacy and Politics

The final SDP presentation was Friday a week ago. And Richard was there taking more photos. Here is another photo of the photographer. Yesterday was program demonstrations, ie does the program you designed actually work, we got 100%. So the … Continue reading

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Who photographs the photographer?

Yesterday was the mid semester presentation for many SDP* groups. Being the subject coordinator, Richard went round taking pictures of the different presentation. (We knew it was going to happen, there are photos of last semester’s groups.) So I took … Continue reading

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Autumn Tower

The UTS tower building seen through the leafless autumn branches of a tree from a bus stop across the road. (Taken on 20 March 2007)

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Outside UTS today there was a STA bus with a smashed rear window. According to the people cleaning the broken glass out the bus had clipped the side view mirror of another bus.

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