What happened to salearn?

As a displacement activity to studying I decided to train SpamAssassin with the last few months of spam email. Uploaded the mailbox of spam to the server and entered the command salearn and got the error salearn: command not found.

Searching the SpamAssassin site and wiki were no help. After a bit of googling I discovered that the correct command is sa-learn, hmm. But the SpamAssassin wiki didn’t even have a page about that. OK, searching for that as a title found nothing, searching for it in the text produced a number or results.

So for those people forgetting the dash and people clicking the title search button rather than the text button I have added salearn and sa-learn pages that direct to the page with the required info. 🙂

SpamAssassin wiki: salearn, sa-learn, BayesInSpamAssassin

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