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Beam up all the ‘tarnas

I know a baby that has recently discovered sultanas, or ‘tanats‘ as they are called. It seems Sunbeam has found bits of metal in some of its dried foods recently and is doing a product recall. Guess which company packages … Continue reading

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Pluto can go to hell…

Change all the text books. My Very Elderly Mother Just Sat Upon Nine ? Astronomers can only count to eight. At a recent meeting of International Astronomical Union (IAU) it was decided to redefine what constitutes a planet. As a … Continue reading

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What Mythological Creature Are You?

More displacement activities to chew up your time. Do you see your self as a mythological creature? If so Blogthings has a quiz to see if you see yourself correctly. 🙂 You Are a Pegasus You are a perfectionist, with … Continue reading

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Adopt a Battle Imp

More playing with GameWyrd. Discovered this Adopt a Battle Imp thing. Interesting that is creates stats for the Imp based upon what name you give it. It even works with random and non alphabetical characters. Here are some examples: @@@@@@@’s … Continue reading

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The RPG Cynic

Feeling like a cynic? Joined GameWyrd and found they have an interesting RPG Cynic’s Quest. Have you been gaming for too long and can see everything coming? So you can have a laugh here are my results: Cynic’s Quest  The … Continue reading

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oats: A cereal that is cooked and eatern for breakfast oates: Cooked oats (also called porridge) oatification: The process where oats are transformed into oates oatomation: Mechanism used to simplify the production of oates

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