N, nolonger just a letter

N screenshotHaving a bit of a read/edit of wikipedia today and found N.

More than just a letter, ‘N’ is a Load Runner esk game written in Flash. With 3 keys you control a ninja, running, jumping and climbing your way around each level.

Ninjas have a “god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes“, unfortunately due this being being the result of a ultra fast metabolism the ninjas life spans are much shorter. 90 seconds to be exact.

In these 90 seconds your ninja must dodge mines, turrets, lasers and drones; flick switches, open doors and the exit; and collect gold. Through the 5 levels of an episode. Due to the sickeningly materialistic attitude” of the ninja, each piece of gold collected adds 2 seconds to their life.

An interesting game. Looks simple, but it is quite hard.


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