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Mega Elephant Ear Ninja Master #cartoon

While Mega Elephant Ear Ninja Master can hear enemies coming from far away, it impacts his ability to communicate in comics. He can only have speech bubbles on one side.

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Smiggle ninjas moving to other grounds

The Smiggle’s ninjas appear to be dispersing from the store. As can be seen, the shop attendant is assisting the stickers advertising the Okinawa range of products to remove themselves from the font window, and disperse to where they can … Continue reading

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N, nolonger just a letter

Having a bit of a read/edit of wikipedia today and found N. More than just a letter, ‘N’ is a Load Runner esk game written in Flash. With 3 keys you control a ninja, running, jumping and climbing your way … Continue reading

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Ninja vs Pirate, the Yin and Yang

I was thinking about the Ninja vs Pirate thing. Sort of like the Yin and Yang. Two powerful forces that need to balance for the universe to be in harmony. I have started to draw an image along these lines. … Continue reading

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