Ninja vs Pirate, the Yin and Yang

I was thinking about the Ninja vs Pirate thing. Sort of like the Yin and Yang. Two powerful forces that need to balance for the universe to be in harmony.

I have started to draw an image along these lines. Something for a T-shirt. But in its unfinished form I’m not going to post it. So we’ll move right along.

I went looking in Google to see if others had had similar ideas. I haven’t found any images, but found the following interesting sites.

  • Pirates vs Ninja (vs Monkeys vs Robots)
    This page has a table comparing the elements of these adversories. What metal do they represent? What clothing do they wear? And many other important attributes.
  • Ninja Pirate (uncyclopedia)
    An interesting article about the rare Ninja Pirate hybrid. How do they occur if Ninjas and Pirates always fight? How powerful are they? And do they have parrots?
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