Royal Easter Show cops a warning about show bags

At the Royal Easter Show the other day I was interested to see pairs of police walking round in fluorescent vests and caps. Trying to stand out, I though, make sure people can see you. And then I realised that they were all fake.

I see a number of other parents had a similar reaction. An article from the SMH on 9 April reports safety concerns that a number of parents had about the ‘Mega Cop’ showbag. The problem being that children in trouble may see someone wearing a showbag uniform and approach them for help. The Police and show management were aware of the bag but didn’t see it as a problem.

It took a few more days for the show’s general manager of events and marketing, John Aitken, to realise the uniform fit adults and withdraw the showbag from sale. They had been sold in previous years without a problem he said.

Seems to me that the show management need to do a little more due diligence on their showbags. From next year they will change the word on the jest and cap to COPS, but why did it say POLICE in the first place? And it seems a little oversight to make a kids vest in an adult size.

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