Dora the lead paint explorer

Dora is recalled from exploring. Sesame Street is no longer giggling. Barney is facing extinction.

Mattel is recalling 83 models of Fisher-Price toys. In Australian the product recall is estimated at 43,000 and in the USA at nearly 1,000,000.

An article from Associated Press, appearing in many publications, indicates that there were quality control errors in a number of toy manufactured in China. Reports attribute the product recall to the level of lead in paint on the toys.

The reports advise that parents should remove the toys from their children and check against the list of recalled products. And that Australian consumers need to contact Mattel Australia directly for refunds or exchange, on 1800 674 753 (M-F 9-5) or

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece, if you want more details go read the articles below.


  1. Fisher-Price toys recalled in Australia (SMH, 2 Aug 2007)
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  6. Fisher-Price To Recall 967,000 Toys Worldwide Because Of Lead In Paint (NBC11, 2Aug 2007)

I could keep posting links, but they are all excerpts of the same story by Anne D’Innocenzio and Natasha T. Metzler of the Associated Press


  1. Lead Paint on Fisher-Price Toys, Worldwide Recall (Pajamadeen, 1 Aug 2007)
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The list could go on. There were around 15,000 blog posts listed on Technorati when last I checked. Technarati Fisher-Price posts

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