DSL or Optical? Why not get both?

VDSL modem just installedFinally got my own Internet connection here in Japan. 🙂

Have been suffering for a month using the apartment complex’s shared wireless connection. About 10 minutes usage an hour randomly in 1-2 minute increments. Not to mention the slow connection speed.

So what sort of connection did I get?

Optical, but not optical. The modem plugs into a phone socket on the wall and it says VDSL on the manual.

But I thought I was having Optical installed?

Well it turns out that in Japan, NTT often connects to an apartment complex with a FTTH service, then wires the apartments with VDSL.

Though I still get my 100 Mbps connection, so I’m not worried 🙂

Now I can get round to posting some of the photos I have been taking over the last month.

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