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Surfing Liberal Broadband Policy (cartoon) #AusVotes

Tony Abbott, Tony Smith and Malcolm Turnbull tryout the new Liberal broadband policy. Surfing the Internet, just lookout for the last mile.

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What do you do with 50GB between 2am and 8am?

My ISP has just increased the monthly download quota. Going from a reasonable 30 GB peak and 30 GB off-peak, to more impressive 50 GB for both. And it only increased to 30GB for both from 15GB/20GB peak/off-peak last December. … Continue reading

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DSL or Optical? Why not get both?

Finally got my own Internet connection here in Japan. 🙂 Have been suffering for a month using the apartment complex’s shared wireless connection. About 10 minutes usage an hour randomly in 1-2 minute increments. Not to mention the slow connection … Continue reading

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