Oracle devours the Sun, religious ferver over MySQL

IBM decided not to buy them, though Oracle seems to think it is a good idea. It will be interesting to see how the acquisition of Sun fits into Oracle’s host.

One question that comes out of the acquisition is: what will happen to MySQL? Oracle being the premier product, will it try to push the lesser aside in the business market? And will all the business and open source projects that use it suffer?

There are a couple of articles where people think there is nothing to worry about. Over at Forbes, Victoria Barret thinks it MySQL will fit a missing niche for Oracle, and will help it combat Microsoft.

And Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame thinks it is the open source nature of MySQL that will save it. Seeing that it is the community that push most of its development at the moment, and its licensing. There shouldn’t be a worry about Oracle axeing it.

Doing an Oracle subject at the moment I can see some of the advantages. But I don’t really want to have to spend large sun on Oracle just to run my blog.

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