A month by any other name

In Germany they have October Fest, a festival celebrating beer drinking. And around the world people have appropriated October for their own festivals.

Below is a list of festivals I though you could have for October. Some are real, and others just sound interesting.

(Octoberfest is actually the 16 days leading up to the first Sunday in October. But don’t let that get in the way of all the people that want to have a month long festival.)

  • Blogtober – A month with a blog post every day.
  • Bogtober – A flicker group, like the 365 day ones, where you take a picture of __ every day of October.
  • Coctober [2] – The month before elections in the USA that sees a number of scandals involving politicians.
  • Socktober – A month of sock making.
  • Stocktober – A month of stocktaking
  • Frocktober – A month of dress wearing, and thinking about Ovarian Cancer.
  • Glocktober – A month of firearms
  • Hocktober – The month with you try to sell everything and anything, whether it is yours of not.
  • Jocktober (1) – Month to celebrate people that concentrate on athletics.
  • Jocktober (2) – An initiative will try to raise prostate cancer awareness by setting the world record for the longest line of underwear.
  • Locktober – A month to celebrate the locksmiths of the world.
  • Mocktober – The month where you make fun of everyone.
  • Pocktober (1) – A month where everyone gets chickenpox
  • Pocktober (2) – A festival in Pocklington UK
  • Rocktober – A month of rock music
  • Tocktober – Amonth of clocks and clockmakers
  • Wocktober – A month of asian cooking
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