links for 2011-01-07

  • Retail kingpin Gerry Harvey has admitted a campaign to force the government to act on GST on online purchases has placed him in a difficult position and "trying to extricate myself is quite difficult".
  • Retailers are not stitching up consumers – the government is. At least, that is what the soon-to-be-incorporated Retail Coalition is arguing.
  • Gerry Harvey predicted the dotcom crash in 2000. But didn't foresee the comeback of online retailing.
  • A MOVE by big retailers to sidestep GST by moving their e-commerce operations offshore risks being caught up in a Tax Office crackdown.
  • THE Harvey Norman founder, Gerry Harvey, will step back from the retailers' campaign for GST to be imposed on overseas online purchases, saying he is hurt by the avalanche of criticism directed at him and feels that getting involved was ''suicidal''.
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