links for 2011-01-09

  • Retails are complaining about the no GST online. Customers are complaining about prices and service in stores. Westfield is gouging stores for rent.
  • Retailers warn customer service will suffer if the online GST loophole is not closed, but how good is it now? Seriously lacking.
  • Vodafone have failed to implement proper security of customers' information. Vodafone stores have one username/password to share amongst all employees, which are someone times shared to 3rd parties. And therefore allow access to customers' information over the internet, anywhere.
  • Australian online retailers like Catch of the Day and Deals Direct are more threat to the bricks and mortar stores, like Harvey Norman, than foreign online retailers.
  • A ruling about catalogue sales to out of state customers (in the USA) don't pay tax is being applied to online sales. Which is also used for out of country sales. Cash strapped states now want some of the tax they are missing out on.
  • Gerry Harvey has found that being the front man for the charging of GST for online retailer campaign is not fun. He now believes that small retailers need to be sent in as cannon fodder.
  • Gerry Harvey | GST online purchases | Retail kingpin Gerry Harvey has admitted a campaign to force the government to act on GST
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