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Psychiatrist to the lightbulb (cartoon)

Cartoon along the lines of the how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb joke, with a Freudian addition. Q. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? A. One–but the light bulb has … Continue reading

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Pruning wiki users, is there an extension for that?

If you manage any wiki you know that spamers love them. They just drop by, register a new users, and add some link spam. Now, there is an extension for MediaWiki wikis to remove all the spam pages, Nuke. But … Continue reading

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rLunch – is your robot feeling hungry?

Cartoon of what robots might eat for lunch. Transistors and capacitors with silicon chips perhaps? rLunch – is your robot feeling hungry?, a photo by TenguTech on Flickr.

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Twitter Tools causing my blog to hang on post

I apologise to all those people having to deal with my/their twitter stream being spammed. Was having a problem with the blog hanging on posting a new entry. And needed to do some testing. From all my testing I can … Continue reading

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End of the World

Welcome to End of the World If you are reading this message then either: The world has not yet ended in your time zone yet The message has been posted too early Someone stuffed up their prediction Sorry for … Continue reading

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Go for the rubbish 3 pointer (photo)

Have you seen all those pink dots around the Sydney CBD? It appears there are pink basketball markings down a pedestrian mall near Wynyard. So if you are in the area after lunch, try a 3 pointer into the bin … Continue reading

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Shopping for trouble, trolleys & fire exits don’t mix

There are people who walk ‘their’ shopping trolley back home to this apparently block. But those that leave their trolley in front of the Fire Exit, despite the KEEP CLEAR sign, are just shopping for trouble.

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