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Scroll Battle, an iPhone created webcomic

Scroll Battle is an experimental webcomic, drawn in Zen Brush on an iPhone and then uploaded. This page will have links to the images.

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Paintwork with Zen Brush

Some of today’s work experimenting with a new iPhone drawing programĀ  Zen Brush. Takes a bit of getting used to how the brush stroke is defined by movement. But looks to be good.

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a Salt and Battery (cartoon)

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Photos of Free Comic Book Day 2011

For Free Comic Book Day this year I visited Kings Comics and Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya seemed to be more packed, and there were many people dressed up in cosplay. Kings Comics was also well attended.

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Hyde your Easter Egg (cartoon)

Perhaps not what you are supposed to do to your children’s Easter eggs. Or something for the big kids. (backposted because I didn’t get a chance to post it at the time)

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He had an outbreak of tornadoes

“He had an out break of tornadoes” Drawn in response to a tweet by SBS news “The number of twisters from US tornado outbreak may be a record setter“, which makes the tornadoes sound like an infectious disease. Quick, send … Continue reading

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Renai’s genie, In a black bikini

Always be careful what you wish for. Yesterday Renai LeMay was tweeting about the amount of polishing required for an ebook. I suggested he be careful of bring forth genies from all his polishing. To which he requested one in … Continue reading

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Militant greeny’s message for Earth Hour

Are you turning you lights off between 8:30pm and 9:30pm for Earth Hour? “Turn it off for Earth Hour, or we’ll put your lights out!”

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Is this the chick you are looking for?

Smaller people in my house were drawing their own chicks, so I thought I would join in.

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Social Innovation BaaCamp #sibsyd

A cartoon inspired by the Social Innovation BarCamp at COFA yesterday. Inspired by the pun you could do, not that I thought all the participants were sheep.

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