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Robot Nerd 1.0 (cartoon)

Say hi to robot nerd. Here is version 1.0.  I’m going to add some more detail and colour it in for version 2.0.

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Robot (unfinished) (cartoon)

A robot waiting for its arm to be finished, the connecting cables just dangling. (One of my recent experiments into producing coloured cartoons.)

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Reel Girl Geek (cartoon)

Do you have a reel to reel girl?

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rLunch – is your robot feeling hungry?

Cartoon of what robots might eat for lunch. Transistors and capacitors with silicon chips perhaps? rLunch – is your robot feeling hungry?, a photo by TenguTech on Flickr.

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links for 2011-03-22

Robot Suits Transform Humans Into Super Strong Cyborgs | Fast Company Cyberdine has just shown the next iteration of its HAL robots–strap-on exoskeletons that boost the user's strength with electric motors. Could they be used after the next large-scale disaster? … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Robot Tiger (cartoon)

A friendly robot tiger waves hello for the new year. (Of course, that is the wrong Chinese new year, and I should have draw a Rabbit.)

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Mr Ro Bots and ePets (cartoon)

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RaBot and the munch e-Carrot (cartoon)

So, if you had a robot rabbit, what would you feed it?

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US Government wants an advance screening…

Reading an article on Computerworld titled US gov’t seeks builder for military robot, where the first paragraph states: “Creative scientists have until next week to submit proposals for creating a shape-shifting military robot that can shrink and then reconfigure itself … Continue reading

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Ninja vs Pirate, the Yin and Yang

I was thinking about the Ninja vs Pirate thing. Sort of like the Yin and Yang. Two powerful forces that need to balance for the universe to be in harmony. I have started to draw an image along these lines. … Continue reading

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