Papers get too much of you not getting enough

It has been interesting, though getting boring, to watch the banter about the latest book by Bettina Arndt, The Sex Diaries. It seems to have split people into two camps.

All men are Liars has a post about The Sexless Marriage, which pays lip service to both views, but seems to sit more on the ‘women need to put out more‘ side.

Where as Wendy Frew plants her foot in the opposite camp. Rejecting the ‘Just do it’ mantra, she blames the problem on ugly men. With the view that men put off women by not taking care of their appearance.

Even Miranda Devine has set pen to paper about this book. And tries to take a moderate view. Although it looks like someone forgot to edit the piece as it is not quite as sharp as usual.

Are women wowsers? Are men too eager?

It looks to me like a failure of project management. Not enough communication; a slip in project scope; and not a unity of vision.

Of course, all this made me think of the Protestants skit from Part I of Monty Python’s  The Meaning of Life.

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