Sushi Train at Town hall is closing

Sushi Train Town Hall ClosingA sign in the window of Sushi Train at Town Hall (Sydney) announced the continuation of the $3 all plates deal at Sushi Train Town Hall until Sunday 5 September.

Good news short term, bad news long term.

The sign also announced that Sunday 5 September would by its last day of trading, and apologised for the short notice to customers, being dated 1 September.

Sushi Train Town Hall ClosingFrom talking with the staff it appears that their lease was not renewed. The shoe store on the corner of the Energy Australia building is being moved on too. Looks like the landlord wants to do renovations and up the rent.

Sushi Train Town Hall ClosingA pity to this nice sushi restaurant being moved on. Now have to find another good in the city to eat.

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