LinkedIn’s April Fools day joke

LinkedIn-April Fools 2011-01Logging into LinkedIn today I noticed an interesting selection of People you may know.

As these people will probably all disappear after today, I took screen captures for you to have a look at in the future. You can find the PDFs below.

(Yes, I wrote this in April, thought I should go through and post drafts worth posting before the end of the year.) 🙂

LinkedIn-April Fools 2011-02
[download id=”242″ format=”3″]
[download id=”243″ format=”3″]
[download id=”244″ format=”3″]
[download id=”245″ format=”3″]
[download id=”246″ format=”3″]
[download id=”247″ format=”3″]
[download id=”248″ format=”3″]
[download id=”249″ format=”3″]
[download id=”250″ format=”3″]
[download id=”251″ format=”3″]


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