Jump start my warp drive by Green Chilli Music

space-ship-01-04-05Written back in June 2010 but not posted till now because I didn’t have an image for it. 🙂

The song was written as an experiment with sound effects. I thought it would be interesting to choose sound effects in Garage Band and seeing if I could write a song around them. Seeing as I don’t have lyrics in my songs I try to develop a story though the sound. So incorporating sound effects seemed a way to do this.

This song is about what happens when you don’t service your UFO often enough. Just hope a fellow traveller is going past and has jumper leads.

Would you like to be stuck in space with a broken down UFO?

Listen to the song on MacJams here.

Edit: With the death of MacJames, this track has moved to Jump start me warp drive on Soundcloud.

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