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Get pumped at UTS (concrete not iron)

Workers were building a platform at the site next to UTS building 10 today. Apparently it is a ledge to park trucks on while dirt is transported up to them from the excavation site.

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What do pirate babys say? wAARRRRRRR

A friend’s recent baby prompted me to think about the sound they make. Aren’t all newborns really just pirates in disguise? wAARRRRRRRrrrrrrrr….

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Choose cheese with care, you may not have been dealt a full pack

Notice the 3 pack with only 2 packs in it? Someone much have got the munchies for cheese while going round Coles. Or it just packed up and left itself.

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Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac 2.3.3 includes a time machine

Opening Word 2008 this evening I was prompted by Microsoft AutoUpdate to update itself to 2.3.3. But little did I know that the new update would include a time machine to download future updates. An update to AutoUpdate generally means … Continue reading

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Concrete chress (photo)

Concrete laid in alternating black & white, just like a big chess board. Where should I step next? Which chess piece am I?

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Storm clouds move in over UTS (photo)

At UTS this afternoon in the wind as the sky went dark and clouds moved in. It got colder, but I don’t think there was actually any rain.

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The key(ring) to Tintin (photo)

A large selection of Tintin key-rings spotted in Modern Tines in Newtown. Should satisfy most Tintin obsessed, or cause turmoil trying to decide which to get.

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Minecraft login failed! Has my account been hacked? Try updating Minecraft

I have been trying Minecraft since last year and I just started getting login errors this week. You open Minecraft, enter your Username and Password, then get the Login failed window. Searching Google for this problem I came up with … Continue reading

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Even special deals can’t sell new bread

Coles has a special deal on Abbott’s Village bread. Buy 2 loves for only $6. But it doesn’t appear to have worked for the their newest variety. As you can see from the photo, the shelves are completely empty of … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t there be a building there? (photo)

Walking down Pitt Street mall I noticed a gap between the parts of Westfield. Wasn’t there a building there until recently, that the owners would not sell too Westfield? I wonder what is going in now?

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