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Concerned about the safety of the Red Shirts at the Apple Stores. Will they all make it through Christmas?

Looking into my local Apple Store, I noticed all the employees were wearing Red Shirts. Combined with the look and feel of the store, like something out of a Star Trek episode, I’m concerned about their safety. Will they all … Continue reading

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It seems, @ClickFrenzy, some retailers’ websites have crapped themselves even before 7pm

An alliance of Australian retailers trying to make themselves still relevant in the online shopping world (something they have ignored for may years hoping it would die) have decided to try and emulate the US’s Cyber Monday with their effort … Continue reading

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Cthulhu was here? #photo

Looking down into my bowl of noodles at a restaurant in China Town tonight, I couldn’t help but imagine a bowl of yellow and green tentacles. They tasted very good, but, was the place visited by an Elder God before … Continue reading

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When Dr Who needs to chill out, he reaches for his Tardis bong… #photo

Walking past Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney CBD I noticed what Dr Who must use when he needs to chill out… the Tardis bong. Oh, wait, it’s just a tea pot.

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Fruit shown is illustrative of flavour only and is not an Ingredient of the product

Don’t those new 13 flavour weeks Slurpees from 7 Eleven look interesting? I’ve seen ones that are half watermelon, half strawberry, and the latest one is half passion fruit. But wait. Have your read the text at the bottom of … Continue reading

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I can not divine the use for these ‘Divination Symbols’, can you?

Looking through the Mac OS X Character Viewer, I see there is a section for ‘Divination Symbols‘. They all look like blocks of horizontal lines in a variety of combinations. Some full times, some with breaks in the middle and … Continue reading

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