NZ Police look for alcohol and drugs in Wee Waa NSW at Daft Punk concert

Not only do New Zealand authorities appear to have stepped outside the law to pursue people like Kim Dotcom. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, NZ Police were patrolling the Daft Punk album launch concert in Wee Waa, NSW.

According to the exert below, NZ Police had instigated an operation to ‘deal with possible drug and alcohol related violence’. But, isn’t Wee Waa a wee bit out of their jurisdiction?

SMH DaftPunk album launch 2013-05-17 at 10.30.53 PM

What an international event. A French electronic music duo, with an album launch concert in NSW Australia, patrolled by NZ Police.

It appears the New Zealand Police have also leant on people at Fairfax. The article now read ‘NSW Police’. So I have added a PDF of the article from before the edit: Daft Punk a no-show as album ‘launched’

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