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If there is danger…

Sign from a carriage of a State Rail train in Sydney. The sign reads: Emergency Procedure 1. If danger present move to another carriage 2. If you are last close the door behind you 3. Inform guard or driver of … Continue reading

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Prams put squeeze on Sydney buses

There is a baby boom in Sydney at the moment, most apparent in inner city suburbs. But state public transport system is failing new parents with prams. New policies by State Transit are making it harder to use the service, … Continue reading

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Petrol prices should be higher…

Or at lease that is what an interesting article by a SMH journalist says. The article says higher prices will change our consumption habbits. And that state governments should be spending more on public transport, not more on express ways. … Continue reading

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Outside UTS today there was a STA bus with a smashed rear window. According to the people cleaning the broken glass out the bus had clipped the side view mirror of another bus.

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