Not your everyday rewards

Cake at Woolworths BalmainWhile shopping in Balmain Woolworths on Monday I found that pieces of bright orange cake were getting pushed in the direction of customers. Initially I thought that would be a fruit cake, but it turned out to be a sponge chocolate cake.

So, why the cake?
What are they celebrating?

Apparently a new addition to their Everyday Rewards point cards. A deal with Qantas that you can get frequent flyer points by spending money at Woolworths.

So now you get Qantas points and fuel points in the same transaction.

Cake at Woolworths BalmainAlthough, it should be noted that you only get points when you spend more than $30.

So, is really worth the effort of getting a point card if you are just going to make small purchases? And do you really want to make it easier for Woolworths to collect data about your shopping habits?

To make up you mind you might also want to read the Everyday Rewards Qantas Frequent Flyer page.

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