2011 NSW State Election flickr group

Somebody think of the children (in Balmain)I created flickr groups for the last 2 Federal elections [2007, 2010]. And, after seeing all the election paraphernalia I thought it would be fun to create one for the current New South Wales State Election.

NSW Election 2011 flickr group

The Greens and ALP in BalmainThere is just over a week till the election on Saturday 26 March 2011. Come add your photos to the group.The Greens NSW Election advertising

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  1. masealake says:

    Why believe coalition economic plan works without revitalize agriculture and manufacture industries??
    Just listen how Barry O’Farrell convincing voters: “People are our asset. They are our greatest wealth and they should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams?” On the issue of economic management, Mr O’Farrell was asked what he thought was the state’s greatest source of wealth, given NSW lacked a resources industry.
    Take a look below the link subject: “Time for Action” in “Healthy Active Life” program that convert Broken hill into a Healthy Las Vergas Broken Hill economy? Link with http://www.streetcorner.com.au/news/showPost.cfm?bid=20747&mycomm=ES
    … .
    When we look at what today’s shrinking industries, such of agriculture (34% of fruit and 19% of vegetables imported); manufacture (10.5% by 2005–6) destructed by John Howard’s coalition government.
    Masealake (Member of Inventor Association QLD)

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