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links for 2011-04-28

Facebook investors heading for the exits as value hits $70bn A group of Facebook shareholders is seeking to offload $US1 billion worth of shares on the secondary market, a sale that would value the company at more than $US70 billion, … Continue reading

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links for 2011-04-27

Facebook’s complicated ownership history explained The long tale about who owns what bit of Facebook. (tags: Facebook ownership PaulCeglia EduardoSaverin TylerandCameronWinlevoss DivyaNarendra MarkZuckerberg DustinMoskovitz SeanParker PayPal PeterThiel TheSocialNetwork HarvardConnection ConnectU QuinnEmanuel i2hub WayneChang SMH Mashable) Hundreds of tweaks show Google … Continue reading

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Hyde your Easter Egg (cartoon)

Perhaps not what you are supposed to do to your children’s Easter eggs. Or something for the big kids. (backposted because I didn’t get a chance to post it at the time)

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He had an outbreak of tornadoes

“He had an out break of tornadoes” Drawn in response to a tweet by SBS news “The number of twisters from US tornado outbreak may be a record setter“, which makes the tornadoes sound like an infectious disease. Quick, send … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs with eggs at David Jones for Easter

Rather than the usual rabbits or chicks with eggs, how about he original egg bearers? Fluffy dinosaurs chocolate eggs at David Jones for Easter.

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links for 2011-04-17

ORG Zine | The copyright battle in Australia There’s little sign that the global copyright war will let up any time soon. Wherever you go, the content industries are working hard to secure stronger “protections” for intellectual property and tougher … Continue reading

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links for 2011-04-15

BBspot – Turing Test Proves 2-Year-Olds Not Human Boston , MA – Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have used the Turing Test to determine that most 2-year-old children are not human. (tags: TuringTest MIT RogerMason CaoLi 2yearold AlanTuring … Continue reading

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Renai’s genie, In a black bikini

Always be careful what you wish for. Yesterday Renai LeMay was tweeting about the amount of polishing required for an ebook. I suggested he be careful of bring forth genies from all his polishing. To which he requested one in … Continue reading

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links for 2011-04-13

Google Clarifies URL Shortening’s Impact on SEO | Search Engine Journal As social search has become more important, so has understanding how SEO works for shared links. In a new Google Webmaster Help video, Google’s Matt Cutts explains exactly how … Continue reading

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I want a Japanese .テスト domain

Browsing the IANA – Root Zone Database I notices there are a few root level domains that exist for testing purposes. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you will find .テスト (TeSuTo for those that can’t read … Continue reading

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