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Why it can be hard to go to bed

It was interesting to watch this video about ‘Cognitive Surplus‘. What people do when they have too much free time. And how the Internet is a vent for the creativeness that everyone possesses. On the other hand this cartoon conveys … Continue reading

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Australian Internet Blackout v1.0 released

Just updated my Australian Internet Blackout WordPress plugin to version 1.0. Version 1.0 makes use of the wp_enqueue_script() function to load the Blackout JavaScript. This should stop the double loading of jQuery, and avert possible conflicts (that is the theory … Continue reading

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Which anti filter group should you belong to?

One of the big problems is the anti filter campaign at the moment is its divided front. There is no clear leader giving direction to the campaign. The No Internet Censorship site, run by the Australian Democrats, has an interesting … Continue reading

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And on the 8th day…

And on the 8th day God created the Internet Filter. Commanding ‘Thou shall have no other Internet before me’.

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Conroy’s Christmas present, Internet censorship #nocleanfeed

Stephen Conroy has delivered his Christmas present early, ISP level Internet filter. Tuesday afternoon the government announced that was giving the green light to its controversial censorship plan. And Conroy stated that we can look forward to legislation being introduced … Continue reading

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Government vs Internet

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have no internet connection, you will know that the Australian government is proposing to censor the internet in Austrlia. The recent events in Iran, and people’s use of twitter, show how … Continue reading

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NBN awarded unto itself

Today the Australian government announced its decision on submission to build the new National Broadband Network. Telstra put itself out of the bid last year by putting in an incomplete submission. So who of the remaining tenders were to take … Continue reading

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Conroy backtracks on Internet Censorship policy

Australian politician Stephen Conroy has begun distancing himself from his highly controversial internet censorship policy. Although this is not a complete backdown. There still the intention to implement a list of filtered sites, just changing what is deemed to be … Continue reading

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Stephen Conroy Scope Creep

It was interesting to read that Stephen Conroy agrees that scope creep is a ‘legitimate point to raise’. Though he tries to duck any blame by pointing the finger at ‘parliamentary process for the possibility of the list expanding’. Just … Continue reading

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OZ Internet filters insufficient to filter politicians

Parents are worried about their children looking at the Australian Prime Minister’s or Oppositions Leader’s web site, when they should be finding out about pop stars. Worried about the bad influence this could have, their children growing up to be … Continue reading

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