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Australian Roleplaying @ AboutUs

I recently came across About Us, a web directory of domains that uses a wiki as its underlying engine. Most of the pages are created by a bot. You enter the domain name, and the bot collects information about the … Continue reading

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Look what came out of the box, and ate Pandora

Reading a post Death By Lawyer: 10 Cool Sites We Miss and was interested to find Pandora listed there. Had been using Pandora for a while. Nice project that creates virtual radio stations based on your tastes in music. But … Continue reading

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Do not call this web site

The Australian government site put up to host the “Do not call” list, to allow Australians to opt out of being called by market research and most of the other people that call you*, has been so overwhelmed by people … Continue reading

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A shower rose by any other name

Had the head fall off my shower today. How useful do you think the internet would be for finding the cost of a replacement? Not very. I tried looking up prices on Hardware retailers web sites. No prices, not even … Continue reading

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web sites as graphs

Do you ever wonder what a computer thinks of your web site? How does it perceive the relationship between tags? Probably not the sort of thing you do every day. I found a Java Applet online that creates coloured graphs … Continue reading

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Incase or In Case ?

I have seen a number of people write incase when they really mean in case. What’s the difference? Incase refers to being enclosed within. Like “Incase that penguin in ice”. Also spelt encase. Where as in case refers to doing … Continue reading

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Artists in Australia are asleep…

Obviously if you are an Australian artist you must be asleep (or the little girl has some idea of time difference). Dad: All I know is right now, somewhere, an artist is sitting back and laughing at us. Little girl: … Continue reading

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New style, WTF Taekwondo

From Shire Martial Arts Our Taekwondo Black Belt School is affiliated with the WTF, Taekwondo Australia Inc Strange organisation to be affiliated with. It appears that nobody starting the World Taekwondo Federation thought of what the initials also mean (though … Continue reading

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Web sites that work even better than they look!

I’m not really sure if I believe the message on the site of WebMastery: Web sites that work even better than they look! One line on a plain green site that hasn’t been up dated since ‘Wed, 11 Jul 2001 … Continue reading

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