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Conroy’s Christmas present, Internet censorship #nocleanfeed

Stephen Conroy has delivered his Christmas present early, ISP level Internet filter. Tuesday afternoon the government announced that was giving the green light to its controversial censorship plan. And Conroy stated that we can look forward to legislation being introduced … Continue reading

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Abbot to de-legalise abortion, then remove no fault divorce?

I was thinking about Tony Abbott’s recent appointment as leader of the Liberal party. Apart from his dislike of the ETS (we just need dykes like the Netherlands), and the fact Abbott doesn’t know what peak oil is, his policies … Continue reading

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What should I buy now that the Australian dollar is doing well?

Now that the Australian Dollar is doing well, about US$0.92 to the AU$, it seems like the perfect time to buy all the stuff I wanted overseas. The only problem is, what did I really need? And all the recent … Continue reading

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Meat the new rules, or beef about labelling

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald describes the poor state of  beef regulation in supermarkets. And notes we should all pay more attention to the state of beef in supermarkets. According to an existing voluntary agreement by Meat and … Continue reading

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Why are zombies so popular…

Recently, it seems, zombies have been popular, both in fiction and non-fiction. And it is interesting to see where the two converge. I’ve just finished Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. A well paced book centred around a secret task force … Continue reading

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SMH has coffee problems

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald site seems to have had a few problems. The homepage displaying pages of Java error messages in place of articles (in a nice bright red and yellow). At all seems to have been rectified … Continue reading

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eBay (threaten) to can Skype

After spending $US2.6 billion in 2005 on Skype, eBay is threatening to close it because of licensing problems. On of the largest global telecommunication providers was sold to eBay by the Skype founders in 2005. But an integral part of … Continue reading

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Caught by NetBank problems?

Walking though Paddington today I noticed a few of these advertisements on bus stops advertising the ‘marvel’ that is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s NetBank. Is NetBanking easier then reading this billboard? Apparently not, according to many of its customers … Continue reading

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Government vs Internet

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have no internet connection, you will know that the Australian government is proposing to censor the internet in Austrlia. The recent events in Iran, and people’s use of twitter, show how … Continue reading

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