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Minecraft login failed! Has my account been hacked? Try updating Minecraft

I have been trying Minecraft since last year and I just started getting login errors this week. You open Minecraft, enter your Username and Password, then get the Login failed window. Searching Google for this problem I came up with … Continue reading

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Pay less, Talk more, but don’t try to use the Internet in Sydney CBD (with Vodafone)

Photo taken while standing outside Wynyard station trying to access the Internet on my iPhone and getting lots of nothing.

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Out of TouchPad

Add around Sydney CBD are these signs advertising the wonders of a new device. Wouldn’t you just love one? Doesn’t it look great? Well, you are too late, and so are the ads. HP has already canned the TouchPad. And, … Continue reading

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iTunes Wild Wild West in German? This is Australia not Austria!

Browsing the Australian iTunes store I came across Wild Wild West. But that Plot Summary is not in English. It appears that Apple has confused us with Austria (perhaps). Unfortunately my German isn’t good enough to read the summary or … Continue reading

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Software Update asks me to install 2 copies of iTunes 10.4

Today, in its infinite wisdom, Software Update decided that I needed to install 2 copies of iTumes 10.4. Now, while I understand that Software Update must have been very excited about the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, I … Continue reading

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Low tech high tech, or just old tech

Going through a collection of old things in my parents garage I found these 2 PC expansion cards (which I guess are ISA). Look how many chips they have, and the huge head sinks. And yet, I think they are … Continue reading

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VodafoneAU – Don’t URL me, I’ll URL you (

Received an SMS purportedly from Vodafone today. Upcoming correction to data charges from 08.07.11 may affect your service. Please head to: for more information Following the link you end up at the page and a 404 error message. … Continue reading

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100 contacts on LinkedIn, how 1337

Got my 100th contact on LinkedIn. Oh, how 1337. (For those not in the know, replace the numbers with letters and you get ‘Leet‘)

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I want a Japanese .テスト domain

Browsing the IANA – Root Zone Database I notices there are a few root level domains that exist for testing purposes. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you will find .テスト (TeSuTo for those that can’t read … Continue reading

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LinkedIn’s April Fools day joke

Logging into LinkedIn today I noticed an interesting selection of People you may know. As these people will probably all disappear after today, I took screen captures for you to have a look at in the future. You can find … Continue reading

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